Advertise your brand with a commercial shoot by JayEffects below you will see our Terms & Conditions Whenever your ready to book a shoot just click book now


In Order to book a shoot you will pay 25% of the price and the rest will be paid at the shoot.  


Location is up to you preferably anywhere in the New Orleans Area 

If you want to do a backdrop setup and have no where to do it, a location can be provided 


JayEffects will edit the amount of pictures asked for, from the options of your package. 

If you would like all pictures taken that day it is a $15 fee you can pay for them at the shoot or if you don't make your mind up till after the shoot it is still possible 


You can discuss your idea for the video with JayEffects or have him choreograph it for you. The video will not be the exact length it is just an estimate it could be a lil over or a lil less by seconds.